The Police Taxi is a mobile message board reminding observers that there are other options available instead of driving while under the influence.  One way it accomplishes this goal is by listing the cost of one ride compared to the other ride.  A DUI (a term commonly used to reference driving under the influence of alcohol) or a DUI-D (a term used to reference driving under the influence of a drug, other than alcohol) will result in a ride in a police car and will cost upwards of $10,500 when considering legal fees, court costs, insurance increases, etc.  On the other hand, a responsible drinker would choose instead to ride in a taxi that would cost them, on average, $20.  The total average costs of a DUI/DUI-D are listed on the hood of the vehicle.

                The Police Taxi is available to attend any event, activity, social gathering, training, etc. free of charge.  A member of the DUI Council of Lancaster County can deliver it to your activity where it can serve its purpose.  Not to mention the ride to and from your event, when its message will reach another group – motorists. 


                To schedule your event, contact the Center for Traffic Safety at 800-955-7233 or click here to email

   Sponsors of the Police Taxi

Vehicle donated by the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center

Vehicle paint, painting and application expenses paid for by funding from the
Lancaster County Office of the District Attorney

Vehicle paint applied by students of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Graphics produced and applied by Cassell Signs Inc

Lightbar supplied by Mannion Enterprises, LLC

Vehicle maintenance provided by Susquehanna Valley Fleet & Auto

Vehicle maintained, owned, and operated by the DUI Council of Lancaster County