Scholarships and Grants offered by

The DUI Council of Lancaster County

The 2020-2021 “Drug & Alcohol Education Grant”


The Council is proud to offer its “Drug & Alcohol Education Grant” to both institutions of higher learning in Lancaster County and all of the Lancaster County High Schools.  This grant starts with an application to the council.  Each request made must fully explain what the funds awarded will be used for.  The programs are then reviewed by the Council and granted on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Applications for the grant will be open on September 1, 2020

Previous grant recipients:

Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology applied to implement a program at their college called “Safe Schools”.  This is an online drug and alcohol course for incoming freshman or new student transfers.  The college’s statement of problem is:  “The College’s continues to combat substance use and abuse by offering educational programs.  These courses provide a current and flexible format to assure that most students obtain knowledge about the effects of substance use.  Use of these courses will assist in complying with the Drug Free Schools Act.”  Also, student who have substance use violations will be required to participate in a review of sanctions course.  Steven’s was awarded $1000.00 for this project.


Solanco High School was also awarded a $240.00 grant to start the “Project Towards No Drugs”(Project TND) program.  Advisors at Solanco have identified a growing need for “Tier II” interventions and support.  For many students, the simple Tier I support that is offered is enough for them to resist drug and alcohol abuse.  However, there are still students who struggle with this addiction.   Project TND is an intensive, 12 week program that is administered by Compass Mark for “at risk students”.  The program focuses on 3 factors that predict tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use, violence-related behaviors, and other problem behaviors among youth.  Solanco’s Statement of Problem: “At Solanco High School there is a great need for an intensive drug and alcohol prevention program.  Students need skills to help them overcome addiction and drug abuse in their lives.  Specifically skills to help them understand motivation factors, social self-control and decision making processing regarding peer pressure and the risk factors involved in drug use.”  This is the 2nd year in a row that Solanco was awarded this grant to continue this program.