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Underage drinking is a significant, but often overlooked problem.  Research has proven that the younger a person begins drinking, the more likely they are to develop alcohol-related addiction before they even reach the legal drinking age.

Despite the high prevalence of and the problems associated with underage drinking, many adults do not realize the extent of the problem, or do not view underage drinking as harmful.  Many still see alcohol use by teens as a “rite of passage,” and may even facilitate it.  Challenging this culture of acceptance and encouraging a change in norms and values are the keys to preventing and reducing underage drinking.

One of the first steps to changing the environment is to change public attitudes. The public must be educated to the factors that exist that have contributed to the underage-drinking problem.

Here we offer you a few choices on how you and your community can reduce the incidences of underage drinking and the tragic consequences that often follow, change the environment that permits underage drinking, and affect attitudes that have made underage drinking an acceptable behavior.


This is a free ANONYMOUS phone call. 

All calls go directly to the Pennsylvania State Police dispatcher, who will in turn determine the proper law enforcement jurisdiction to investigate.  ALL calls are taken seriously and are followed up by the proper authorities.

Use this number if:

1) You’ve heard of plans for an underage drinking party,

2) You are aware of a party involving minors in progress,

3) You know of adults (even parents) providing alcohol to minors, and/or

4) You know of an establishment providing alcohol to minors.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to call the hotline.

If you would like to help us spread the word about this valuable, life-saving community service program, please click on the link below for a free tip card.  Print it.  Use it.  Share it.