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In The News

Changes in Pennsylvania's Liquor Laws

On June 8, 2016, Governor Wolf signed House Bill No. 1690 into law. Now known as Act 39 of 2016 (Act 39), the Bill changes more than thirty-five sections of the Liquor Code and adds a number of new sections. The changes are voluminous and affect not only licensees, but also how the PLCB conducts its business operations in general. The changes affecting licensees, which go into effect on August 8, 2016, are identified herein by broad category. The information in brackets refers to the particular section(s) of the Liquor Code where the change(s) can be found. Some of these changes will not apply to every type of license, but many of the changes do impact more than one type of license, so be sure to check all the categories you think might apply to your license.




New Ignition Interlock Law in PA


What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Health


Office of Governor Tom Wolf


Click Here for Presentation Handout by Dave Drumheller, Esq., Pennsylvania Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Implied Consent

Birchfield v North Dakota:  It’s Affect on Pennsylvania’s Implied Consent Statute

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